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  1. Speaking in Tech: ‘It’s the democratisation of the internet GONE MAD’

    For El Reg's latest Speaking in Tech podcast, Greg Knieriemen and Sarah Vela are joined by Irish tech monster Storagezilla (aka EMC bod Mark Twomey), while regular SiT co-host Ed Saipetch disappears on a secret mission.

    Storagezilla waxes lyrical about comic book characters ("Batman is all about kicking the shit out of people"), the trio scratch their heads over Yahoo!'s rumoured $600m Hulu buyout and Mark tries to explain HP's new ViPR storage management tool.

    Video sites could die out unless they go down Netflix and Amazon's route of providing original content. Hulu's producing and hosting its own original shows too, but is it enough to make them stand out from the crowd?

    Meanwhile, in storage land, there's a ton of money being wasted on duplicate backup data … handily, Mark knows a thing or two about storage systems and applications offered by EMC! This week they discuss… Eddie is AWOL… again Movie spoilers Yahoo tap dances with Hulu Google and Apple still haven't figured out TV Content creation vs digital distribution Could Yahoo overpay for Hulu? BBC, Sherlock and Star Trek Geek summer movie reviews and trailers Movie scores EMC ViPR The large data problem

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