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  1. David Letterman - The Howard Stern Show

    From The Howard Stern Show (08-16-17) - David Letterman

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  2. The Adam Carolla Show: TAK 001 - Norm Pattiz

    Norm Pattiz joins Adam for this intraductory episode to Take a Knee. Adam begins by asking Norm about the creation of his first company, Westwood One. Then the two get into their similar upbringings in Los Angeles and where the two went to school. After that, they have a lengthy discussion on the difference between success and financial success. Then, Norm tells his story about working at The Coconut Grove Hotel when Bobby Kennedy was shot. Finally, Adam gets into Norm's success story originating from a job at local TV station KCOP and eventually chronicling his time through radio and ending on his creation of Podcast One.

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