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  1. Music by my Friends: Morton Feldman

    “I had the great fortune in 1967-69 to study with Morton Feldman, whose music still

    touches me deeply, as it does most composers of my generation”

    How Feldman taught and what Johnson learned from him, with a presentation of the early Rothko Chapel and the late Palais de Mari, the first of two programs devoted to Feldman.

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  2. Music by my Friends: Robert Ashley

    “Robert Ashley’s music just keeps getting better”

    Robert Ashley died at his home in New York March 3 from complications of cirrhosis of the liver, three months after he finished his last opera, “Crash,” to be premiered at the 2014 Whitney Museum Biennial. Ahsley was 83.

    How Johnson and Ashley used to talk in New York in the late ‘70s about how to find their own personal music, and how Bob evolved his “talking band.”

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