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  1. Are facts About Suffering Significant Evidence for Atheism? (Justin Schieber & Robert Johnson)

    Justin Schieber vs Robert Johnson Topic: "The intensity and widespread nature of suffering is significant evidence against God."

    Arguing in the affirmative is Justin Schieber, host of the Real Atheology YouTube Channel, former co-host of Reasonable Doubts. Arguing against him is Robert Johnson, who hosts the Apologetics 105 podcast. Hosted by Atheistically Speaking Podcast.

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  2. 5 10 Ashley Nelson - Hornstein (Dropbox) by of10podcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    5 10 Ashley Nelson - Hornstein (Dropbox)

    by of10podcast

    published on 2015/06/04 16:29:55 +0000

    Ashley Nelson-Hornstein is an iOS engineer at Dropbox - another of my favorite startups. Previous to Dropbox, she spent time at Apple and the news startup, Circa. She’s not only an incredibly talented developer, she also evangelizes for Dropbox around the world speaking at tech conferences. Her popularity is growing - along with the products she builds.

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  3. Last of Us 2 Spoilercast w/ Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker - Gamescast Ep. 26

    Director and co-writer Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson (Ellie), and Troy Baker (Joel) join Greg to talk about EVERY DETAIL of The Last of Us Part II. SPOILERS AHEAD. Game provided by PlayStation.


    00:00 - Intros 01:00 - Dr Uckmann “Controversy” 01:35 - Ads for KF 03:00 - “Future Days” as the connective tissue of the game / “One Night Live” Event 06:34 - When did you know you’d come back to TLoU? 09:00 - Was there hesitation coming back? (Ashley) 11:06 - Was there hesitation coming back? (Troy) 13:47 – Is Joel’s character on a pedestal from Part 1? (Neil) 15:16 - Joel in Part 2 vs Part 1 and criticism from audience about Joel (Neil) 16:20 – Criticism of Joel (Troy) 18:48 – Respecting the character, “deserving” death in the world of TLoU (Neil) 19:24 – Ellie as Protagonist and Ashley as Lead in Part 2 (Ashley) 21:58 – Preparing for The Scene (Troy) (a Must Watch) 24:30 - “Nobody loves this character more than me…except maybe Troy Baker” (Neil Interlude) 25:38 – Directing and Prepping The Scene, (Neil) 30:22 – Evoking dread/anger and being uncomfortable (Neil) 31:38 – Leaks and Death in context (Neil) 32:09 – Watching the Leaks in Real Time and the lack of context (Neil) 38:02 – Was the game a hard sell for PlaySta…

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