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A composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and recent developments within the fields of sound-art, new media and the web.

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  1. Morton Feldman Interviewed by Charles Shere, July, 1967

    This wide ranging, literate, and always fascinating conversation between composer Morton Feldman and writer/composer/journalist (and former KPFA music director) Charles Shere touches on the work of various composers, performers, artists, and writers. Feldman talks about ways of composing, including his own, and to what degree a composer is "on the make" with regard to his audience.

    The composers Feldman and Shere discuss include John Cage, Christian Wolff, Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez, Luciano Berio, and Milton Babbitt. Surprisingly, Feldman admits to admiring Babbitt, and wishes that he himself could write serialized music freehand, like Babbitt.

    Is it true that music will always have a great past, but never a great future? Is Feldman’s music limited because he doesn’t believe in Hegel? Discover the answers in this fascinating conversation.

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  2. Rob Hordijk live @ Noodlebar 22.12.16

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  3. Music by my Friends: John Cage

    “John Cage was perhaps the most important American composer of his generation, and he was certainly the principal mentor of my life”

    How Cage remembered his beginnings when he was an accompanist for modern dance classes, as was Johnson 30 years later, and how he wrote his last music, the number pieces.

    —Huffduffed by rudigermeyer

  4. Music by my Friends: Jo Kondo

    “It was Jo Kondo who inspired me to make Music by my Friends”

    How sporadic meetings and correspondence since 1979 brought Kondo and Johnson together, and how their meeting with Victor Ekimovsky in Frankfurt in 1998 led Johnson to want to produce “Music by My Friends.”

    —Huffduffed by rudigermeyer

  5. Music by my Friends: Morton Feldman

    “I had the great fortune in 1967-69 to study with Morton Feldman, whose music still touches me deeply, as it does most composers of my generation”

    How to listen to Piano and String Quartet (1985), with memories of remarks Feldman made to Johnson as a student, particularly those having to do with orchestration.

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  6. Music by my Friends: Morton Feldman

    “I had the great fortune in 1967-69 to study with Morton Feldman, whose music still

    touches me deeply, as it does most composers of my generation”

    How Feldman taught and what Johnson learned from him, with a presentation of the early Rothko Chapel and the late Palais de Mari, the first of two programs devoted to Feldman.

    —Huffduffed by rudigermeyer

  7. Music by my Friends: Pauline Oliveros

    “Pauline Oliveros shows the way toward deep listening”

    How a single note of Oliveros, heard by Johnson on the radio in California in 1964, led to a long friendship of mutual “deep listening”, if not always complete agreement.

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  8. Music by my Friends: Robert Ashley

    “Robert Ashley’s music just keeps getting better”

    Robert Ashley died at his home in New York March 3 from complications of cirrhosis of the liver, three months after he finished his last opera, “Crash,” to be premiered at the 2014 Whitney Museum Biennial. Ahsley was 83.

    How Johnson and Ashley used to talk in New York in the late ‘70s about how to find their own personal music, and how Bob evolved his “talking band.”

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  9. Musical syntax and its relation to linguistic syntax - Inspired by Chomsky’s work

    Intervention at the Collège de France about musical syntax and its relation to linguistics. The theory is based on Chomsky’s work.

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  10. Modular Podcast: Interview #2 – Richard Devine

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