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  1. rec diffs 58: Elective Plumbing

    This double wraparound episode kicks off with updates on John’s ongoing struggle with Daisy’s potty habits. Merlin tries to help, but John suffers neither his analogy nor his blatant Male Answer Syndrome. Merlin still thinks John may be a doggie racist. Further, few differences are reconciled in debating which are the best MCU movies.

    Merlin’s daughter goes to theme camps, and John pushes back on assuming how much stuff in movies is intentional. Conspiracy theories around The Shining are discussed. Gold? Mirrors? Goofy? Are you getting this?

    After teasing a long-overdue Spoiler Slot (that never ends up actually happening), your hosts wonder whether every working actor in the U.K. will eventually be on Doctor Who.

    This week’s main topic concerns Liking Things to Be a Certain Way. Coats, backpacks, FUNtainers™, and doll shoes all have their place, so why is it so hard to keep them there? Preferences for Mac configuration are explored at length, and no, you can’t see their desktops. John says he needs more bulwarks, and Merlin doesn’t disagree.

    Your hosts wrap by considering how individual perceptions and personal hang-ups divide family and other stakeholders.

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  2. Stewart Butterfield on creating Slack, learning from games, and finding your online identity

    If you came by the Vox office, you would find it oddly quiet. That's not because we don't like each other, or because we're not social, or because we don't have anything to say. It's because almost all our communication happens silently, digitally, in Slack.

    Slack is Stewart Butterfield's creation, and it's the fastest-growing piece on enterprise software in history. But here's the kicker: he didn't mean to create it, just like he didn't mean to create Flickr before it. In both cases, Butterfield was trying to create a new kind of game: immersive, endless, and focused on experiences rather than victories.

    The story of Butterfield's pivots from the game to Flickr and Slack have become Silicon Valley lore. But in this conversation, we go deep into the part that's always fascinated me: the game Butterfield wanted to create, the reasons he thinks gaming is so important, and the ways in which his philosophy background informs his current work. We also talk a lot about the nature of status, identity, and communication in online spaces, as Butterfield's company is now revolutionizing all three.

    This is a deep, interesting, and unusual conversation — we went places I didn't expect, and I left thinking about topics I'd neve…

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