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  1. Duana Welch | The Evolution of Love

    What are some of the core differences between men and women? Learn how men and women have shaped each other psychologically and biologically over the course of human evolution. What do women and men lie about? Why do men tend to be more ambitious than women? How does jealousy differ between women and men?


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  2. Women, the alt-right and the liberal centre - The Philosopher’s Zone - ABC Radio National

    Why do women join white nationalist and other far-right movements? Misogyny is rampant on the alt-right, along with the notion that women’s primary role is to be wives and child-bearers. But the liberal centre can be an ambivalent place for women too. Feminism was founded on the ideal of equality, and on the belief that women should be treated as individuals rather than undifferentiated members of a subordinate class. But have these liberal humanist ideals of of equality and individual autonomy outgrown their usefulness?,-the-alt-right-and-the-liberal-centre/13477704

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