Mac Power Users 154: Apple TV | Mac Power Users

David and Katie dive deep on the Apple TV and discuss how they use the Apple TV for work and play.

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Apple TV – Apple Store (U.S.)

Apple TV gives you access to the best 1080p HD content — including blockbuster movies, your music and photos, and more — right on your widescreen TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices on your TV using AirPlay. Apple TV requires one HDMI cable

Roku Streaming Player

Apple TV Tech Specs (1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation)

Apple TV – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mac Power Users #126: The Mac Home Server

Special guest Shawn Blanc joins Katie and David to talk about setting up a Mac to use as a home server. We talk configuration, use cases, media applications, automation tools and more.

Mac Power Users #38: iTunes Intensive

5by5 | The Incomparable

An award-winning weekly show about geeky cultural topics in numerous media, including books, movies, TV, comics, and games.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – IMDb

A meek and alienated little boy finds a stranded extraterrestrial. He has to find the courage to defy the authorities to help the alien return to its home planet.

Blu-ray Disc – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apple – Support – iTunes

Apple – Apps – Remote

Put your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in charge of the show.

K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, iPad or iPhone – Logitech

Apple – Apple Wireless Keyboard – The thin, cable-free keyboard.

Mac Power Users #62: Cutting The Cable


Can I Stream.It?

Search Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, and more, for movies to stream instantly, rent, and buy.

Apple TV – Channels

Hulu | Watch TV. Watch Movies. | Online | Free


Presenting Wirelessly with an Apple TV — MacSparky

Apple – Mac – AirPort Express

Apple – AirPlay — Play content from iOS devices on Apple TV.

QuickTip: Enable AirPlay Mirroring on iPhone or iPad —

Reflector – AirPlay mirror your iPhone or iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly.

Kanex ATV Pro

AirPlay Mirroring for VGA Projector

Apple TV Hacks — Get more from your shiny box of joy

Plex – A Complete Media Solution

XBMC | Open Source Home Theatre Software

ScreenCastsOnline – SCOI0126 PlexConnect on Apple TV

Drobo 5N

Synology Network Attached Storage – NEW NAS Experience

Meet Xbox One –

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Mac Power Users #137: Workflows with Aisha Tyler

aisha tyler's site

Tuff-'N'-Tiny USB Drive

HFS Plus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HFS Plus or HFS+ is a file system developed by Apple Inc. to replace their Hierarchical File System (HFS) as the primary file system used in Macintosh computers (or other systems running Mac OS).

exFAT – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is a Microsoft file system optimized for flash drives.

File Allocation Table – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

File Allocation Table (FAT) is the name of a computer file system architecture and a family of industry standard file systems utilizing it.

Mac Power Users #153: Hardware Development with Geoff Barrall

Mac Power Users #152: Back to School

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