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  1. Stark Raving Sane #1: Gary Oldman

    On the first-ever episode of the Stark Raving Sane podcast, Louis & André discuss the great Tom Stoppard play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Louis CK’s Live at the Beacon special, and the new and different roles of film and television in drama.

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  2. SitePoint Podcast #132: The Boston Globe Goes Responsive with Ethan Marcotte

    Ethan Marcotte chats with Louis Simoneau about responsive web design and the Boston Globe’s new responsive site.

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  3. The Case For Preschool : Planet Money : NPR

    Paying for poor kids to go to preschool saves the government money in the long run, an economist argues.

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  4. SitePoint Podcast #111: Responsive Web Design with Jeremy Keith

    Episode 111 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) talks with Jeremy Keith (@adactio), a UK-based web designer and author of several books on web design. We talk about responsive web design, and how Jeremy feels it’s making now an exciting time to be a web designer.

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  5. SitePoint Podcast #105: There’s Something About Mobile with Max Wheeler and Myles Eftos

    Episode 105 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) chats with Max Wheeler (@makenosound) and Myles Eftos (@madpilot) about the state of the mobile web. We talk about responsive web design, native apps vs. mobile web apps, PhoneGap, and the changing mobile landscape.

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  6. SitePoint Podcast #104: Free as in Podcast

    Here are the topics covered in this episode: IE9 is Released. Does it measure up? Mozilla demos the new features in Firefox 4 with the Web O’(pen) Wonder. AirPlay in iOS 4.3 Twitter tells developers to scrap their apps? Stories from the trenches at

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  7. SitePoint Podcast #101: Web Design Business with Peter Williams

    Episode 101 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) chats with Peter Williams (@rexster) about starting, running, and expanding a web design business.

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  8. SitePoint Podcast #97: The Occasional Dick Move with Louis Simoneau

    This week Kevin Yank (@sentience) chats with Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict), SitePoint’s head Technical Editor, about why he thinks Google’s move to drop H.264 is a good thing, whether the W3C’s new logo for HTML5 is any good at all, and why the WHAT-WG has decided to drop the ‘5’ from HTML5.

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  9. Gold and the Periodic Table of the Elements : Planet Money : NPR

    The periodic table lists 118 different chemical elements. And yet, for thousands of years, humans have really, really liked one of them in particular: gold. Gold has been used as money for millennia, and its price has been going through the roof.

    Why gold? Why not osmium, lithium, or ruthenium?

    We went to an expert to find out: Sanat Kumar, a chemical engineer at Columbia University. We asked him to take the periodic table, and start eliminating anything that wouldn’t work as money.

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  10. James Bridle — Wrangling Time: The Form and Future of the Book

    The internet has been around long enough now that it has a proper history, and it has started to produce media and artefacts that live in and comment on that history. James will be talking about his work with writing, books and wikipedia that hopes to explain and illuminate this temporal depth.

    James Bridle is a publisher, writer and artist based in London, UK. He founded the print-on-demand classics press Bookkake and the e-book-only imprint Artists’ eBooks, and created Bkkeepr, a tool for tracking reading and sharing bookmarks, and Quietube, an accidental anti-censorship proxy for the Middle East. He makes things with words, books and the internet, and writes about what he does at

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