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  1. Miriam Suzanne: “Don’t Use My Grid System” — Clarity 2017

    Note: Miriam was filling in for Amélie Lamont who fell very ill and was unable to attend the conference. Miriam found out she was speaking less than 30 minutes before having to present.


    I built Susy, a Sass grid system that can generate any grid technique you like — but I haven't used it in years. I'll show you how various grid systems work, and how to avoid using them. For those few cases where a grid really is required, we'll talk about the best ways to roll your own, so you're not relying on a bloated library to make decisions for you. We'll also look at the new layout toys — from flexbox to CSS Grid — and how to get started with only a few lines of code.

    • When to use floats, CSS Grid, flexbox, custom properties, and other techniques.
    • How to make grid-math simple, and lose the grid-system.
    • How to make grid-systems work for you when you need them.

    Presented by Miriam Suzanne at Clarity 2017, on November 28th, 2017. Ends with an interview with Una Kravets

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  2. 262: CSS Grid with Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons - ShopTalk

    Grid is getting a ton of support in modern browsers and so we’ve got a couple of grid experts in Jen Simmons and Rachel Andrew on to help us navigate the grid – what is it? When can we use it? How do flexbox and grid play together? What about Bootstrap?


    7:00 What is grid? And what does it mean?

    16:30 What’s the mobile story for grid?

    22:30 What is grid and why should someone be excited about it?

    27:40 What about all that extra CSS with grid?

    36:10 What’s autofill?

    47:40 How do flexbox and grid play together?

    1:01:02 When should you use something like Bootstrap?

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  3. ✨3 CSS Grid Features That Make My Heart Flutter | Una Kravets Online✨

    I'm having a hard time containing my excitement for CSS grid: a spec thats been in the works for a while, but is finally here! News of grid has been exploding in popularity on the web as its becoming increasingly implemented in browsers (upvote here for Edge). Firefox also just came out with a pretty sweet Grid editing view in its developer tools, and I imagine Chrome will soon, too.💁

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  4. Grid

    Grids: they're everywhere Emblematic of modernity, the grid gives form to everything from skyscrapers and office cubicles to Mondrian paintings and bits of computer code. But the grid has a history that long predates modernity; it is the most prominent visual structure in Western culture.


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  5. Living Off-Grid in Wyoming in a Tiny House with Ariel

    Ariel McGlothin has been living in a tiny house off-grid in the mountains of Wyoming for the last 6 years.

    She has had to deal with keeping her tiny house warm in extreme temperatures and deep snow all with no connection to the grid.

    In this podcast, she shares generously of her experiences and the systems she uses to make this possible. She shares such things as where she gets her water, dealing with dry heat and condensation. How to keep your feet warm, etc.

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  6. All About CSS Grid — Syntax Podcast 018

    It's a long awaited CSS Grid show! How does it work? When do you use it? What's the difference between Grid and Flexbox?


    Save A Bro is selling absolutely hilarious mustache t-shirts for $18 - all proceeds go to support the fight against prostate cancer.

    Use the coupon code "syntax" at checkout to get free shipping in the US.

    The Show Notes

    Wes Bos AMA where he tricked Scott that Bert Bos was his dad

    CSS Tricks A Complete Guide to Grid

    Rachel Andrew

    Rachel Andrew Twitter

    Rachel's Grid by Example

    Rachel's Grid AMA

    CSS Grid Garden

    The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators

    Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons Twitter

    Jen Simmons Labs

    CSS Grid Pinterest / Masonry Layout Question

    Wes' grid-auto-flow: dense; Experiment

    grid-auto-flow: dense; Docs

    caniuse CSS Grid Support - make sure to click the "Show All" button

    "If someone thinks progressive enhancement means providing a crappy experience for older browsers then they’ve got a lot of reading to do." —

    Sara Soueidan

    Benjamin De Cock - @bdc dropping tasty CSS Grid treats all day long on twitter.

    CSS Grid Animation #1

    CSS Grid Animation #2

    David K Piano Twitter


    Slide Deck on FLIP

    CSS Grid Template Area ASCII

    Grid repeat()

    Grid minmax()

    CSS Grid nth-row()

    CSS Sub-Grid

    Sick Picks


    Just My Type

    Wes: Sick Update on the

    Caldigit TS3 Dock

    Tweet us your tasty treats!

    Wes Bos

    Scott Tolinski

    Make sure to include


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