Training the Senses: Tim Ingold - The knowing body

Speaker: Tim Ingold

Description: Tim Ingold’s wide-ranging studies encourage us to re-appreciate alternative knowledge or, put differently, things our bodies know but we do not always act upon, such as acquired skills, sudden reflexes and marked intuition. With a focus on alternative ways to find knowledge, Ingold offers imaginative workshop tutorials that include weaving baskets and flying kites with students. Tim Ingold’s writings cover themes as far apart as humans and animals, sensing, education, skill, perception, making, materials and becoming. His most recent book, The Life of Lines, is a wonderful example of his achievements and a poetic narrative that interlaces bodies, minds, landscapes, topographies and perceptions through a correspondence of lines.

Training the Senses: We tend to think of knowledge as school-taught, language-based and to a large extent visually acquired - through reading, viewing and insight. Yet we also know that our bodies are reservoirs of other forms of knowledge acquired through a collaboration of multiple senses: hearing, taste, smell and touch. We use our hands and noses to select fruit at the market. We smell to find a suitable mate, listen to sense danger and intuit to gauge the insecurity of others. The senses also provide information we are not always aware …

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