Against Storytelling Symposium III (March 15, 2019) | Storytelling and Forgetfulness

‘Storytelling and Forgetfulness’

Amit Chaudhuri (writer, musician, Professor of Contemporary Literature, University of East Anglia, and Fellow, Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination, Paris) speaks of the difference between storytelling and writing. The talk will be chaired by Robert O’Meally (Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia and Fellow at the Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination, Paris).


This symposium aims to raise questions about the rise and centrality of ‘storytelling’ in the past few decades, and what this signifies to a culture. It asks if imaginative work has aspects that hold the attention as much as – often more than – ‘story’ does.

It is part of the ‘literary activism’ series conceptualised and curated by Amit Chaudhuri from December 2014 onwards, whose original mission statement can be read here:

The symposiums have been hosted since their inception by the University of East Anglia with partner institutions like Ashoka University, Presidency University, and Jadavpur University in India, and Oxford University in the UK. They aim to create a conversation and space, distinct from the literary festival or the academic conference, where creative practice may be discussed by write…

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