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  2. Alistair Fruish And Erik Davis - Cosmic Trigger Podcast

    Alistair Fruish in conversation with Erik Davis.

    This episode of the Cosmic Trigger podcast is hosted by Alistair Fruish who interviews Erik Davis in a wide ranging discussion about Robert Anton Wilson’s philosophy, its influence on contemporary culture, meme magic, discordianism, the alt-right and brain change techniques.

    Alistair: / @alistairfruish

    Erik: / @erik_davis

    Music: Occupy (Dr Marshmallow Cubicle). Available on Iron Man Records.

    Produced by @nldrtn with the assistance of the Arts Council.

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  3. Interview with Rick Webb, Author of Agency: Starting a Creative Firm in the Age of Digital Marketing

    In 2001, Rick Webb co-founded The Barbarian Group. He grew his agency to a 150-person-team. Rick shares his advice for agencies of all sizes. Listen in!

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  4. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #157: David Sleight, Design Director at ProPublica

    ProPublica (@ProPublica) design director David Sleight (@stuntbox) is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest

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  5. Perspective on Product Management by 5 Product Gurus

    I’ve had the chance over the past few months to interview 5 product gurus: Marty Cagan, Teresa Torres, Jeff Gothelf, Rich Mironov and Dan Olsen. This podcast compiles the best moments of those interviews including their views on what makes a great product, what makes a great product manager and more.

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  6. The Evolutionary Angel, Naval Ravikant

    "Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want." - Naval Ravikant Naval Ravikant (@naval) is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions, which went public as part of, and

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  7. The beast within

    In 1582, the German town of Bedburg was ravaged by a violent and mysterious creature. After untold bloodshed, the townsfolk took up arms and hunted the monster down. What they found was something out of our deepest nightmares, and entirely too close to home.

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  8. David Axelrod Tribute Show

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  9. Naval Ravikant on Reading, Happiness, Systems for Decision Making, Habits, Honesty and More

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  10. Dave Snowden - How leaders change culture through small actions

    Summer School 2016

    Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge and Director of the Centre for Applied Complexity at Bangor University @snowded

    His work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organisational decision making and decision making. He has pioneered a science based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory.

    Ysgol Haf 2016

    Prif Swyddog Gwyddonol Cognitive Edge a Chyfarwyddwr Canolfan Cymhlethdod Cymhwysol ym Mhrifysgol Bangor @snowded

    Mae natur ryngwladol i’w waith ac mae’n cynnwys llywodraeth a diwydiant gan edrych ar faterion cymhleth sy’n ymwneud â strategaeth, penderfyniadau sefydliadol a gwneud penderfyniadau. Mae wedi creu ymagwedd arloesol yn seiliedig ar wyddoniaeth at sefydliadau gan ddefnyddio anthropoleg, niwrowyddoniaeth a theori systemau addasol cymhleth.

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