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  1. Elizabeth Stokoe - The Life Scientific

    Jim Al-Khalili talks to the social psychologist Liz Stokoe about her research as a conversation analyst. Her interest is in the nuances of everyday chit chat but also people going on first dates, the verbal abuse between neighbours at war as well as interviews by the Police with suspected criminals.

    Liz is professor of social interaction at the University of Loughborough and her unusual approach involves collecting and analysing the fine details of hundreds of real, spontaneous conversations as a source of raw data. This is in contrast to more traditional means, used by other psychologists of finding out what people think by asking them directly using surveys and questionnaires.

    Her most recent research has overturned ideas about the best ways to teach people how to communicate, negotiate or deal with confrontation. Role play using actors to stage a scenario, has been seen by many as a gold standard training device. But, Liz says there’s no evidence to show that it works. Her alternative technique is based on her own scientific research and is already being widely used by different organisations from the Police to Mediation services and even hospitals, to help with doctor patient relationships.

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  2. Could computers replace judges?

    on Faine’s co-host is educator, ethicist, theologian and strategic advisor, Associate Professor Rufus Black. He is Master of Ormond College and Deputy Chancellor at Victoria University. Rufus is also President of the Board of Museum Victoria and a director at Corrs Chambers Westgarth and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. He recently launched the Wade Institute, and will deliver a keynote address on the innovation we need to avoid the politics we don’t want at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016 on Wednesday 9th November.

    Their first guest is IT and judicial reform expert, Judge Dory Reiling. She is a senior judge with the Amsterdam District Court, and a former Senior Judicial Reform Specialist at the World Bank (2004-2007). Judge Reiling is in Melbourne as a keynote speaker for the Sir Zelman Coen Centre’s Law and Courts in an Online World International Conference.

    Then they are joined by psychologist, researcher and entrepreneur, Patrycja Slawuta. She is the founder of SelfHackathon. She will deliver a keynote address on Hacking Failure: The Psychology of Basic Human Fears and How to Overcome Them at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016 on Tuesday 8th November.

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  3. Negotiating your divorce online

    In a world first, Dutch Legal Aid Board has teamed with the company to roll out a revolutionary on-line dispute resolution platform called Rechtwijzer, which translates as ‘Signposts to Justice’.

    So far over a thousand divorce settlements have been successfully completed.

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  4. Justice via Algorithms?

    A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin involving a Mr Eric Loomis has focussed attention on the use of risk assessment profiles in sentencing.

    The COMPAS Risk Assessment Tool, created by the American firm Northpointe can be considered as part of sentencing decisions.

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  5. Technology and the law

    Technology is transforming the work of lawyers and the delivery of legal services to the consumer.

    Already legal advice and dispute resolution can be accessed online.

    UK legal futurologist Professor Richard Susskind says increasingly machines will play a role in coming up with legal arguments and legal strategies.

    He was visiting Australia to deliver the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre Centenary Oration at Victoria University.

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