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  1. Ethan Marcotte: Responsive Web Design Interview – The Way of Responsive Web Design | Design Interview

    In this interview Ethan Marcotte an independent designer explains responsive web design. He also take us through his own process to building a responsive site.

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  2. Ryan Carson: Carsonified Interview – Cost of Bootstrapping your App | Startup Interview

    In this interview Ryan Carson founder of Carsonified takes us behind the scenes and shows us how we can successfully run a web start up on a low budget.

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  3. Jason Fried: 37signals Interview – Why Copy is More Important than Design | Design Interview

    In this interview Jason Fried co-founder of 37signals explains why copywriting is more important than design and how to go about a/b testing your designs.

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  4. David Allen: Getting Things Done Interview – Getting your Startup Under Control: Business

    In this interview, David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, explains how entrepreneurs can be in control, why planning and having an overall purpose is key.

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