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  1. Designer Notes: ROB DAVIAU - PART 2

    In this episode, Soren interviews board game designer Rob Daviau, best known for his work on Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy. They discuss the criteria for a good Legacy game, how to put just a little PvP in a game without overdoing it, and why he removed his phone number from his website.

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  2. Designer Notes: ROB DAVIAU - PART 1

    In this episode, Soren interviews board game designer Rob Daviau, best known for his work on Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy. They discuss bluffing his way through his first game job interview, how he designed Betrayal at House on the Hill without either starting or finishing it, and why Risk Legacy bombed in Germany.

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  3. Download Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs - Episode 1: Caselli to Knüppe | Podbean

    December 2020. The LITC team discusses controversial compsognathids, dinky dwarf sauropods, a very THICC T. rex and Spinosaurus, again (even though it’s the first episode). And where do all those damn bats come from? Featuring Joschua Knüppe.

    Podcast Show Notes are at

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  4. Episode 16 - James Wallis

    In Episode 16, I talk with the ever-lovely James Wallis. He has had a fascinating career from journalist to TV presenter to game designer and is now the Studio Manager for Green Board Games (who are the only UK-based game publisher for the Asmodee Group). Along the way, we talk about networking and building links in the community and James even puts out a call for submissions!

    Here he is in his own words: "Since starting his first RPG fanzine instead of revising for his O-Levels, James Wallis has been in most parts of the UK games industry: designer, writer, publisher, reviewer, consultant, lecturer, historian and more. These days he’s the studio manager at Green Board Games, the only UK-based games publisher in the Asmodee group."

    Just a heads up that we had a few issues with James’ audio on this one. We’ve done the best we can with it but it’s still a great listen!

    You can follow James on Twitter @JamesWallis To receive the submission details email and he will give you information on their submission procedure.

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    "The Show Must Be Go" by Kevin MacLeod

    “Happy Boy End Theme” by Kev…

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  5. Death, carnage and chaos: a climber on his recent ascent of Everest – podcast | World news | The Guardian

    On 23 May, an image taken by the climber Nirmal Pujra went viral. It showed a long queue of climbers waiting to reach the summit of Everest. Elia Saikaly, a film-maker, was on that climb. He describes the ascent, while the Guardian’s Michael Safi discusses why the number of people seeking to scale Everest has exploded

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  6. Episode #81: Disasterpeace & Under the Silver Lake — From & Inspired By

    On this episode, we speak with composer Rich Vreeland (aka


    ) about his work on the recently-released neo-noir,

    Under the Silver Lake . Sorry for the delay, kids — Easter weekend was taken up with feeding cheesy potatoes and ham to an adorable baby, and the week following was an ut

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