Guardian Science Weekly podcast: How blogs are changing science

In a special podcast from North Carolina, Alok Jha goes right to the heart of global science blogging at Science Online 2011.

Hundreds of scientists, students, journalists, librarians, bloggers and programmers met to discuss how the web is changing the way science is communicated, taught and carried out.

We look at how this relatively new medium has evolved over the past few years and ask: what role does it now play and where does it fit into modern science? Is it changing how science is reported?

Are there additional challenges for women who want to blog about science? Why do some choose to remain anonymous?

There’s even a Star Wars joke thrown in for good geeky measure.

Ed Yong tells us about Britain’s blogging scene - and lets us in on the secret of how much money there is to be made from it.

Did Alok finally get to meet the enigma who is Bora Zivkovic? Is he even real?

Finally, after making the acquaintance of one half of NPR’s Radiolab programme, Jad Abumrad, a few weeks ago, we get to speak to the other half, Robert Krulwich.