JBS News Update - Israel At War - 11/20/23

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from November 20th, 2023

Stories Include:

IDF Casualties Named in Gaza Op Since Friday, More on Death of Abducted Soldier, Proof Foreign Hostages Were in Shifa, Terror Tunnel Complex Found Under Shifa, Babies Safely Evacuated from Shifa to Egypt, Rockets Fired at Central Israel, Rockets Fired at Northern Israel, Bring Back Our Children


At 6:30pm it's Good Week Israel. At 7pm Gilad Korngold speaks with Rabbi Hirsch about his family who are believed to be held hostage by Hamas. At 7:30pm Arthur Smith discusses his book REACH With Rabbi Avraham Bronstein. At 8pm Abigail Pogrebin speaks with the owner of a cinema chain that began as a Jewish family business in pre-war Europe, and with the filmmaker who brought the story to life in the doc "Only in Theaters”. At 8:30pm we hear from Sandra Schulberg, producer of "Filmmakers for the Prosecution," which retraces the hunt for film evidence that could convict the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trial. At 9pm it's Israeli actor Yaakov Daniel on L'Chayim. At 10pm Prof. Nehama Aschkenasy discusses the works of, Amos Oz and Aharon Appelfeld.

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