JBS News Update - 9/21/22

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 21st, 2022

Stories Include:

Iran's Pres Rails Agnst Israel, Defends Nukes, Erdan Exits in Protest Before Raisi Speech, US Pres Urges 2 State Solution, No Nukes, Israeli PM Historic Meet with Turkish Pres at UNGA, Israeli PM Meets King of Jordan at UNGA, Israeli PM Meets UN Chief Urges Fairness for Israel, 84 Yr Old Israeli Murdered in Suspected Terror


At 6:30pm Thinking Out Loud. At 7pm it’s Talmud Study. At 7:30pm a panel discussion featuring three American perspectives on antisemitism, with Jacob Kornbluh, April Powers, and Andrew Rehfeld. At 8pm Robert Siegel explores the topic of free speech in an age of disinformation and social media, with panelists Laurence Tribe, Jelani Cobb, and Jeffrey Rosen. At 9pm Mark Golub leads a panel of Rabbis on the themes they believe are important to address in High Holiday sermons. With Chaim Steinmetz , Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, and Marcelo Kormis. At 10:30pm artists reflect on how art can illustrate and enhance High Holiday texts.

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