Matthias Pintscher: Neharot, for orchestra (LIVE)

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  1. 99% Invisible

    Frozen Music — Goethe said, “Architecture is frozen music.” I like that. Of course that was before audio recording, so now, for the most part, music is frozen music. It’s only very recently in the history of music that we’ve been able to freeze music into an object.

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  2. Stuff You Should Know

    How Music Sampling Works — Today music sampling is a common practice, especially in electronic or hip-hop music. But how does it work? After all, other artists made the original music, and most of them would presumably like to be paid. Tune in to learn more about music sampling.

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  3. 165: Dean Quick

    His work as a music therapist for people with mental illness How he works with clients who have no musical ability or skill That live music is most effective as well as the client’s preferred music in music therapy That music bypasses the cognitive processes of trauma and allows a person to reach a place within themselves that might otherwise be difficult to access How Gabby Giffords has used music to retrain her language That music can ignite the brain unlike anything else Where someone would go to explore music therapy as a patient That music can be used as therapy for children with developmental disabilities How music can be used by anyone as therapy on their own as therapy with some simple approaches Being mindful of the power of music in your own daily life Honoring the feeling in the moment with music Asking yourself “how am I honoring my feeling in this present moment” How we can engage with music in a mindful way to increase the power it has in our lives Using music to pace your practice of progressive muscle relaxation Why it’s better to choose our own music rather than buying music playlists that are “for relaxation”


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  4. FEZ’s Composer Disasterpeace on Creative Music Theory for Games • Composer Quest Ep. 82

    Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace) talks about his snowflake-catching game January, and how he infused his code with music theory to make generative music.

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  5. Stuff You Should Know

    Why Does Music Provoke Emotion? — A well-crafted piece of music can bring us to incredible highs and crushing lows, sometimes within the same song. Why does music affect humans this way? Join Chuck, Josh and special guest cellist Ben Sollee as they get to the bottom of music and emotion.

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  6. How the NYC music scene changed music forever

    In the Bronx, young people were plugging turntables into light posts to invent hip-hop. Along the Bowery, art-school kids were distilling rock music down to its essence to create punk. While others were leading the biggest uprising in western classical music since Stravinsky. It all happened over five years, in a space of less than 200 city blocks in New York City.


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  7. Discreet Music – Matthewdavid | Red Bull Radio

    The Los Angeles-based new age producer and Leaving Records founder discusses the healing power of music with Sam Hockley-Smith.

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