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  1. The Constant: A History of Getting Things Wrong - The Constant

    Your second favorite series about putting right what once went wrong

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  2. Up First - BONUS: American Police | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts

    Listen to Up First episodes free, on demand. In this bonus episode brought to you by NPR's Throughline, hosts Ramtin Arablouei

    and Rund Abdellfatah dive into America's history with policing.

    Black Americans being victimized and killed by the police is an epidemic. A truth many Americans are acknowledging since the murder of George Floyd, as protests have occurred in all fifty states calling for justice on his behalf. But this tension between African American communities and the police has existed for centuries. This week,

    how the origins of policing in America put violent control of Black Americans at the heart of the system. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. For free. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium.

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  3. Wizard Children | Current Affairs on Patreon

    Official Post from Current Affairs: A lot of people are completely sick and tired of the world's twenty-year-long obsession with Harry Potter. "Shut up about Harry Potter! Read another book!" they cry. To which we respond: no.This week, Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson, senior editor Brianna Rennix, amusements and ma

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  4. S01E06 – Killer Bees – In reSearch Of…

    (some corrections in the notes!)

    Jeb Card and Blake Smith discuss the In Search Of episode: KILLER BEES.  Will aggressive Africanized honey bees destroy the world? Is every problem a metaphor for colonialism? Tune in and find out!

    Watch episode on YouTube

    I’ve attached some relevant articles from the time, one on bees and one on ISO.

    Radioactive Wasps (Correction: Location was at HANFORD not HANSON site – corrected here, but I’m not cutting out my joke about Hanson. -B)

    Jeb mentioned Japanese Giant Wasps – those are described here. (They’re wasps, only giant – and from Japan. That’s good marketing in the name.)

    Jeb was right to bring this beastie up in conjunction with bees.  From the Wikipedia article:

    In Japan, beekeepers often prefer European honey bees because they are more productive than the endemic Japanese honey bees.[citation needed] However, it can be difficult to maintain a captive hive of European honey bees, as the giant hornets are devastating to the bee hives.[citation needed] Once a Japanese giant hornet has located a hive of European honey bees, it leaves pheromone markers around it that quickly attract nest-mates to converge on the hive. An individual hornet can kill forty European honey bees per minute, while a group of 30 hornets can destroy an entire hive containing 30,000 bees in less than four hours.[4] The hornets kill and dismember the bees, returning to their nest with the bee thoraxes, which they feed to their larvae, leaving heads and limbs behind. The honey and bee larvae are also taken to feed the hornet larvae.

    Another correction – I think I called them “hornet killers” or something similarly stupid, but I was talking about the very large American “Cicada Killer” wasps.  But that’s not what Jeb was talking about (see above).  The Cicada Killer is big enough to – you guessed it – kill a cicada.  They’re not as insanely beefy as the Japanese hornets, but they’re big beefy units.

    Frequently on-screen expert Dr. Norman Gary is a Bee Wrangler for Hollywood, working on Candyman, X-Files, etc.

    Dr. Gary playing clarinet covered in bees.

    Contemporary newspaper article about ISO and this episode.

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  5. 272: Stretch Goals (rebroadcast) - Tara Swiger

    This week's rebroadcast is all about stretch goals, and reaching for them. Did you set a stretch goal this year? How do you know what the right amount of stretch IS? How much is too much? What is ridiculous and what is a good kind of challenging? Today I'm going to answer a question I … Read more…

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  6. The King Mobcast: EP 18: ENTROPY IN THE U.K. PART II: MESSIAH

    This month on the Mobcast, the boys discuss Morrison's revolutionary marketing methodology, do bad Australian accents, and wholly embrace the idea of viral nanite breast milk. If you'd like to help out the show, please consider recommending us to friends, relatives or strangers who fall into the following categories: comics fans; Grant Morrison fans; X-Men fans; true doom murderheads; true believers; non-believers; un-believers; daydream believers; homecoming queens; cryptozoologists; butchers; bakers; candlestick makers; neo-Malthusians; warlocks; Ron Paul supporters; weeaboos; teaboos; treeaboos; lapsed Confucians; and the lonely.

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