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  1. Tim Hensley Interviewed By Roman Muradov | Inkstuds Radio

    Tim Hensley is among the many great living underappreciated cartoonists. His work is impeccably crafted, witty, inventive, it feels at once frozen and alive, questioning constantly the language, the medium, the relationship between drawings and words. There’s no one like him.

    Dan Clowes described Wally Gropius as “a work of unassuming genius that rewards on ever-deepening levels on each re-reading” and this quote applies just as well to Tim’s two other books, Ticket Stub and, most recently, Sir Alfred Number 3, a comic-strip biography of Alfred Hitchcock that is unlike anything you may expect from the phrase “comic-strip biography.”

    Read these comics with care and patience that they deserve. We could end it at that–the books speak for themselves, but I did talk to Tim for quite a while about writing, high and low culture, literary influences, found texts, punchlines and weather, so go and press the play button below. Bye.

    – inkstuds note, this interview was conducted by another fantastic cartoonist, Roman Muradov.

    If you like this podcast and want to hear more, please consider supporting Inkstuds on Patreon.

    Tim Hensley Interviewed By Roman_Muradov [ 1:30:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  2. Electric Shadow 35: Going Back Into Space

    There is something wrong with the opening crawl for The Force Awakens. Fan

    and typography enthusiast John Gruber and original Star Wars opening title

    sequence designer Dan Perri help unravel the mystery of where (and when)

    things went wrong.

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  3. Comic News Insider : Episode 681 - MoCCA: Nobrow Special w/ Sam Bosma/Jeremy Sorese!

    Jimmy went to MoCCA over the weekend and got some great interviews. In this Nobrow special, you'll hear his chats with Sam Bosma (Fantasy Sports) and Jeremy Sorese (Curveball). Jimmy is a big basketball fan like Sam which is a good thing since his book Fantasy Sports deals with the sport! And hear them both correctly pick the NCAA men's basketball champion! In his talk with Jeremy, they have a great deal to say about relationships, friendships and more. They even get a little Steven Universe love in there as well since Jeremy wrote the comics. Both were really great interviews so do give a listen! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!

    Thanks for listening!

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  4. Episode 39: John Gruber Crashes His Tesla Into Your Heart

    John Gruber, one of the most famous bloggers of all time, sits down with Josh for a little one-on-one concerning all things tech. Those things? Apple, Tesla, Google, Twitter, and so much more. Have you ever heard two men violently agree and disagree about a phone's user interface? Have you ever heard two men discuss their hatred of a remote? Have you ever heard two men talk what it's like to gaze into the abyss? Well some of those things happen. LISTEN NOW.

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  5. Drawn and Quarterly: Ask Me Anything

    Chris Oliveros, Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin answers Heidi MacDonald's questions on a variety of topics including what role Chris now plays within the company now that he's stepping down, what Peggy and Tom will be doing and what will happen to their old roles, why Chris started publishing comics, doing the D&Q anthology and what inspired it, former publisher Vortex and wooing Chester Brown away from them, Peggy's history of working at DC and moving to D&Q, Tom history with his former Highwater Comics company and how he ended up working for D&Q, the company's surviving the 90s and their transition to publishing Graphic Novels & adapting to the book market, their first big successful Graphic Novel, the amount of Good cartoonists and keeping up with them all, the title of Chris's new book and when it's coming out, how the group works when picking what they publish, which new book they are all excited about, how long it took for D&Q to make money, the cost of living in Montreal, their future goals, Kim Thompsons death and how Chris wanted his company to outlive him not only to a 2nd generation but to a 3rd as well.


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  6. Truth & Intimacy in Graphic Memoir

    Moderated by Johanna Draper Carlson, panelists included Raina Telgemeier, Dustin Harbin, Etienne Davodeau and joining part way through was John Porcellino. The group started off describing their work, then they discussed how true are their stories, what they include and exclude, how people who've been depicted in their books reacted, why they started doing graphic memoir, the most difficult part of doing the work, whether people respond more to sad or happy stories and what other artists doing graphic memoir were they influenced by.


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  7. TCAF 2015 Kick-Off Event: D&Q 25!

    Chris Butcher started off the kick-off event and gave thanks to various people who help put the convention together. He talked about his first exposure to Drawn and Quarterly comics when he was young and working for a different retailer. He also talked about the company's growth. Chris Oliveros came up and spoke about TCAF, how important they are and how they've supported the company. Then the panel started with Sean Rogers interviewing an all star line up of Jillian Tamaki, Jason Lutes, Seth, Adrian Tomine and Lynda Barry. The group first talked about their latest books, then went into when they joined Drawn and Quarterly. Seth gave his early history with the company and his first impressions of Charles, Jillian spoke of the sense of community with the publisher, Adrian said he loved the D & Q line and wanted to be a part of it, Jason talked about his coming out of art school, not really sure of what to do with himself, interning at Fantagraphics and finding the indy comics scene to be very sombre. He began to self-publish, then a smiling Chris wanted to publish him. Lynda gave her sad but funny history of working in comics prior to working with Chris. Seth and others talked about one of the first major creators D&Q published, Julie Doucette and her impact on comics, particularly women doing comics. The group also spoke about digital and print versions of books, limitations and how they can learn from them. Peter Birkemoe also spoke about Drawn and Quarterly.


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