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  1. ExplicitWeb - Season 2 Episode 2 - Chris Spooner, Jack Osborne, and Gavin Strange

    In this week’s episode, John O’Nolan takes the reigns and steps things up a level with 3 amazing guests. First up in Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics fame, giving us a modest insight into his meteoric rise within the Web industry. Following Chris, we talk to Jack Osborne off of HTML5 Doctor about how he got involved in the site and his thought on the state of HTML5. Last but not least, we have Gavin Strange from JamFactory and Aardman Digital (yes, the same people that invented Wallace and Gromit!). Gavin infects the ExplicitWeb team with his humour and tells us about how awesome it is to work at Aardman, as well as sharing some great pieces of advice learnt from his successful career in design.

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  2. ExplicitWeb - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Staying ahead of the game

    In this week’s episode, Rob Hawkes presents “Staying ahead of the game” focusing on the following questions:

    • What things are you most excited about for the next year or so?
    • How do you make sure your skills don’t become obsolete?
    • How do you know what’s worth learning and what’s not worth your time? -How do you keep track of the new things happening in the industry?

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  3. ExplicitWeb - Episode 7 - Content vs. Design, Microformats, Working in Bursts, and the iPad

    On this week’s show we have an extra segment presented by our magical mystical internet guest: Rick Nunn. Rick takes us through content vs design and why he thinks most people are doing it wrong. Elsewhere, Hannah introduces microformats and discusses the relevance of valid vs semantic markup, John divulges his ultimate tips for productivity (and a new way of life) and finally Rob discusses how he thinks the iPad is about to change web development.

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  4. ExplicitWeb - Episode 5 - WordPress 3.0 Special with Core Developer Andrew Nacin

    This week’s show is a WordPress special. We invite Andrew Nacin, from the WordPress core development team, to be our first ever guest on the show. We grill Nacin on how he got involved with WordPress, ask him what’s up and coming in WordPress 3.0 and get some top tips on how to get involved in developing for WordPress.

    —Huffduffed by robhawkes

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