James O’Brien reacts to ‘double standards’ towards Meghan Markle | LBC

James O'Brien reflects on society's "double standards" as "Meghan Markle being accused of bullying is the end of the world, but for Priti Patel it isn't".

James' words come after Meghan Markle was alleged in the press to have driven out two personal assistants and "humiliated" staff on several occasions.

Meanwhile, late last year, Boris Johnson backed Home Secretary Priti Patel after a bullying inquiry found she had "not consistently met the high standards expected of her", prompting his adviser on Ministerial Standards to resign.

Speaking of society's "double standards" more broadly, James said: "So I'm genuinely intrigued by this and I don't think anyone can deny it. Again, for the record, I'm guilty of it myself.

"You don't want the people that you like or the people that you sit alongside to let you down.

"But when they do let you down you should be even angrier than you would be when people who you thought were wrong ones from the start have behaved in a way that proves they were wrong ones from the start. That's the bit I don't get."

He then sarcastically remarked: "Maybe there's another brilliant explanation as to why Meghan Markle being accused of bullying is the end of the world as we know it in the right-wing media and Priti Patel being fo…

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