James O’Brien’s fiery call with a man who says Black Lives Matter has “gone too far” | LBC

This is James O'Brien's fiery call with a man who says that the Black Lives Matter movement has gone too far, as he prepares to go to London to protect statues from vandalism.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators are returning to London this weekend to continue their protests that got out of hand with a minority of protesters last week.

But a group of counter-protesters, including Tommy Robinson, have pledged to travel to the capital to stand guard by Winston Churchill's statue.

Lee called in to say that he will be one of those people protecting the monuments and said he felt it is going to descend into black v white violence.

He said: "It's putting a bigger divide over race. There's going to be trouble between black and white people. It's coming."

But James pointed out: "No, it's not going to be divided by race any more than your friendship group is.

"What are you cross about?"

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