James O’Brien gets three “mad” calls in a row on Prince Andrew | LBC

James O'Brien didn't think the callers could get any madder while he was discussing Prince Andrew, but the next two calls got even worse.

The LBC presenter was talking about the answers of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on the state of the monarchy during yesterday's election debate.

The Labour leader said it "needed some work", while the Prime Minister believes it was "beyond reproach".

As James was discussing that in respect of Prince Andrew, Muffy called in from Fulham and she was upset with James referring to the prince as Andrew Windsor.

She said: "I'd like to bring up the way you are now referring to Andrew Windsor. That is absolutely incorrect.

"Whatever you think about him, his correct title is His Royal Highness Prince Andrew."

James asked: "Can I say: His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the paedophile's friend."

And Muffy then asked him: "How many friends have you got that may have done silly things or bad things."

James answered very emphatically: "None that have been jailed for it."

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