The Russian Psyche | Konstantin Kisin

John is joined by Konstantin Kisin, himself Russian by descent, for a conversation about the Russian mindset, popular support for President Putin, the Western response to and coverage of the conflict in Ukraine, Western resilience, the role of satire in public discourse, and much more.

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, podcaster, writer and social commentator. He made international headlines in 2018 by refusing to sign a university “behavioural agreement form” which banned jokes about religion, atheism and insisted that all humour must be “respectful and kind”.

Konstantin is a regular contributor to BBC, ITV and TalkRadio. Frequently described as an "objective voice from the centre of the political spectrum", he regularly writes for a wide range of publications, including the Telegraph, Spectator and Quillette. He is also the creator and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry YouTube show where 2 comics interview economists, political experts, journalists and social commentators about interesting, controversial and challenging subjects.

Konstantin's first book, 'An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West', will be released on July 14th 2022, and can be pre-ordered here:

John first interviewed Konstantin in 2019. Their pre-covid i…

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