Khalyla Kuhn: The Most Sadistic Woman in Comedy

I came across some of Khalyla's archived poems, which contained confessions to gold digging, theft, manipulation etc… I cover the origin of the gold digging claim, Bobby's original stance toward the idea of open relationships, leaked DM's from his brother and much more.

Timestamps: 0:00 What did Schaub mean by this? 3:14 incest/bestiality 3:55 first poem/gold digging confession 4:59 gold digging origin 5:55 Offers $2K to doxx people making fun of her 7:36 Second Poem/Severe Sadism 8:43 “Open Relationship” 11:56 Leaked DM’s from Bobby’s Brother 12:38 Bobby lies about his success prior to Khalyla 15:00 Third Poem/Khalyla’s sociopathy 15:56 Recent Breakup/First Breakup in 2014 16:56 Fourth Poem/Khalyla discuses the first breakup/makes fun of Bobby’s sexual prowess 18:27 Schulz tries to convince Bobby to move away from her 19:57 Schaub the Savior 20:34 Did Khalyla own the Reddit account that was going after Brendan? 21:20 Fifth Poem/Extreme Hater 22:04 Sixth Poem/Creepy stalker 23:26 Seventh Poem/Sexual Deviant

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