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  1. #42: Which Makes Me Sort of Worried About…Me | Release Notes

    Today we talk about gaming the App Store, and where exactly the fine line is that separates ethical from unethical behavior. Should developers feel uncomfortable in steering only their happy customers towards leaving a review? Is it unethical to incentivize customers to download a free app in the hopes of it climbing the charts? Listen as Charles and Joe struggle with tough questions and make it clear that they should have taken a philosophy class or two while in college.

    Show Notes & Links

    Marc Edwards on Ember – Be sure to read the replies, and notice the lack of consensus

    Dungeon Keeper Android’s rating system filters out "1-4 star" reviews – EuroGamer on Dungeon Keeper

    The Effective Way to Ask for an App Review – Supertop shares results from asking for reviews in release notes

    The Rate Friday Initiative – MacStories on Rate Friday

    How One Scammer Manipulated Apple’s Top Charts To Earn Tens Of Thousands Daily Using A $10 GameSalad Template – TechCrunch on recent App Store scams

    Apple cracks down on iPhone firms using appayola marketing services – The Guardian on payola in the App Store

    Apple Reportedly Rejecting Apps With Pay-Per-Install Campaigns – GigaOm on pay-per-install in the App Store

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