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  1. Unbelievable? Is Identity Politics the new religion? James Lindsay, Esther O Reilly and Neil Shenvi - Saturday 23rd March 2019 02:30 pm

    Social justice, woke politics, intersectionality, patriarchy, white privilege and diversity. Critical Theory and Identity Politics have created a lot of buzzwords and debate lately. Atheist James Lindsay believes it amounts to a religion in itself. He tells of the hoax ‘grievance studies’ project he helped to pull off and engages with Christian thinkers Esther O Reilly and Neil Shenvi on whether Identity Politics amounts to a form of religion.Later in the show Esther O Reilly returns for some commentary on the latest Jordan B Peterson controversy. Plus ticketing opens for The Big Conversation live in London, featuring Bret Weinstein and Alister McGrath in Conversation on Wed 8 May 2019.

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