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  1. The Pressure to Be Happy

    How overwhelming is the pressure in today’s society to be happy all the time? In a world where we call any type of “down” emotion some type of mental illness or disease, the pressure to be “up and about” is only creating an even more polarised world. Damian and Marcus draw on recent life events to explain their points in a bid to “take the pressure down” on our drive to be “hyper happy”.


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  2. How She Really Does It with Koren Motekaitis » Dan Pink: Rejection, Refusals & Rebuff

    Daniel Pink is the author of five provocative books about changing the world of work including the New York Times best sellers, A Whole New Mind and Drive.  His latest book To Sell is Human is a #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.  Dan is a returning guest and in previous interviews we discussed the changing work world and old school beliefs of “paying people (more) money to achieve better results.”

    In this interview, Dan discusses how we are all now in the world of sales.  You may not be selling an item or even a service, but you are influencing, persuading, or attempting to get someone’s attention.  Dan will share with you how to handle rebuffs, refusals and rejections so you can move others more effectively in your own life.

    “The hardest part about being in sales is that everyday you face an ocean of rejection.” ~ Dan Pink

    Sales – past beliefs about it vs. what it is today

     Buoyancy – the grit to keep going vs those who give up



    why negative is important and not to squash it

    dealing with rejection

    explanatory style

    ”defensive pessimism”

    Two takeaways – to practice in your new world of sales.

    Dan Pink: How to Handle Rejection [ 56:45 | 51.97 MB ] Play Now | Download

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