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  1. Magnesium

    This week the Vitality Hackers cover Magnesium, what it is, what it does and why it’s so important.

    0:00 Intro

    2:30 What is it good for?

    7:14 Why deficiency is an issue

    9:30 The problem with Organics

    13:00 We need Magnesium more than ever

    15:00 Signs of Magnesium deficiency

    18:30 The best forms of Magnesium

    21:00 What’s the right amount?

    23:50 Food sources of Magnesium

    26:50 Were pirates Magnesium deficient?

    28:00 Anything else we need to do?

    30:00 Outtro


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  2. TWG 54: What stresses us out and what to do about it

    This week The Wellness Guys share some of their secrets about what stresses them out. Three apparently laid back guys Damian, Laurence and Brett talk about what it is that fires up their stress response and share their secrets for not only de-stressing but for preventing stressful situations as well. Everyone has stress in their lives at some point or another and all of us know that at times we could manage it better so don’t miss this informative episode. Head to Facebook and let us know what stresses you out and what you do to de-stress in your daily life.


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