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  1. 5 Ways to Failure Proof Your Mindset

    Last year Dave wrote an article for Mens Muscle and Health magazine titled 5 Ways To Failure Proof Your Mindset. In this podcast Lauren joins Dave in exploring these points and so much more.

    The game of life seems to come with a set of rules, but in order to create the life you want to live you need to write your own rules. The limits are self imposed and the results of those who succeed prove it!

    Favourite quote from this one: Change the rules, the only failure is giving up.


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  2. TWC 56: The Myth of Perfection

    This week The Wellness Guys talk about the 80:20 rule and the pitfalls of perfection. In this insightful episode the boys share with you just how diligently they follow their own ‘rules’ and why sometimes breaking the rules can be a good thing. Damian Laurence and Brett all share instances where they would consider it healthy to break the ‘rules’ and instances in their lives where trying to be ‘perfect’ has adversely affected them  Tune in to find out all of The Wellness Guys’ naughty little secrets.

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    —Huffduffed by rmkoske