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  1. Revisionist History Podcast - Blame Game

    In the summer and fall of 2009, hundreds of Toyota owners came forward with an alarming allegation: Their cars were suddenly and uncontrollably accelerating. Toyota was forced to recall 10 million vehicles, pay a fine of more than $1 billion, and settle countless lawsuits. The consensus was that there was something badly wrong with the world’s most popular cars. Except that there wasn’t.

    “Blame Game” looks under the hood at one of the strangest public hysterias in recent memory. What really happened in all those Camrys and Lexuses? And how did so many drivers come to misunderstand so profoundly what was happening to them behind the wheel? The answer touches on our increasingly fraught relationship to technology and the dishonesty and naiveté of many in the media.

    Listen to “Blame game” Episode 8 of The Revisionist History Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.


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  2. Revisionist History Podcast

    A cardiologist in Minnesota searches through the basement of his childhood home for a missing box of data from a long-ago experiment. What he discovers changes our understanding of the modern American diet — but also teaches us something profound about what really matters when we honor our parents’ legacy.

    Listen to “The Basement Tapes” Season 2 Episode 10 of The Revisionist History Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.


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  3. The Pressure to Be Happy

    How overwhelming is the pressure in today’s society to be happy all the time? In a world where we call any type of “down” emotion some type of mental illness or disease, the pressure to be “up and about” is only creating an even more polarised world. Damian and Marcus draw on recent life events to explain their points in a bid to “take the pressure down” on our drive to be “hyper happy”.


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  4. The Wellness Couch | OMM 001: Mindfulness, heartfulness and the 3 second kiss


    Meet your hosts, Vikki Kelly and Natalie Mc Ivor as they guide us through some of the most powerful ways to reduce stress and

    harness and enhance the power of our mind through the amazing cornerstones of mindfulness practice. This entertaining journey into the contemplative world will include conversations and interviews with mindfulness practitioners, researchers and people making a difference through this powerful re-connection with the power of mindful living. Natalie and Vikki will explore the tips and traps of meditation and some simple mindfulness practices we can do everyday.

    March 23, 2015


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  5. The Alton Browncast 57: Adam Savage | ALTON BROWN

    Yup it is confirmed. I have a new guilty pleasure.

    I really need to get past the fact that I DON”T have to sit next to the computer when listening. My grandmother who was born in the late 1800s would eschew the TV to listen to the Dodgers on the stereo in our living room.

    She would lean in toward stereo when it got exciting.

    I found myself doing the same thing to the computer screen whilst listening to my favorite films being discussed.


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  6. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen | 43 Folders

    As promised, here's the single-file compilation of the Productive Talk podcast interviews I did with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. The final version's eight episodes clock in at a considerable 1 hour and twenty six minutes, so this should give you plenty to listen to while you're in line at the DMV.


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