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  1. 030: Rebekah Meier: Surface Designer

    I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Our guest today is Rebekah Meier.

    Rebekah is a mixed media author, collage & fiber artist…

    …teacher, and design consultant within the art and craft industries.

    Her passion is collage and mixed media, with a focus on fabric and fiber.

    You can find Rebekah on her newly re-designed website www.rebekahmeier.com.

    On the podcast we discuss Rebekah’s “Fabric Elements” line,  supplies for mixed media fabric art (markers, surfaces, ink pads, paints), the excellence of making mistakes, personal style, and teaching.  We hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation by leaving a comment or a question!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. Did you really make a mistake: 48 Days podcast

    1. I did 17,630 sit-ups last year.

    2. Is it possible to be a sewing coach?

    3. How do you make money off the cars that you drive?

    4. How can I survive as a bookkeeper?

    5. Do you believe an apprentice-style, entry-level position in coaching is possible to find or create?

    “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” — Henry Ford Huffduffed from http://www.48days.com/did-you-really-make-a-mistake/

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