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  1. The Wellness Couch | MOM 01: Mind Over Mattress


    ​In this episode you will meet Dave Nixon, founder and owner of Functional Fitness Australia and Lauren Heys, founder and owner of Moxxi Group. For the next 30 minutes they will discuss the importance of mindset in achieving any level of success.

    With a world full of convenience and deliciously comfy beds it can be ‘difficult’ to put aside the comforts of life and set about with the activities which will ultimately get you what you want out of life. In colloquial terms, short term pain for long term gain.

    In the 21st century mindset levels the playing field, with people who shouldn’t be able to succeed reaching great heights and those who have everything going for them failing to make a dent. Technology, the freedom of opportunity and marketing has shifted our thinking. Dave will take a unique look at this concept within the fitness industry while Lauren digs down into why do what we don’t want to do and don’t do what we want to do.

    My favourite quote from this one: If you want a bikini body here’s a tip – get your body and put a bikini on it… ‘ta-da’. It’s the perception that ruins it for us! – Dave Nixon

    March 23, 2015



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  2. The Wellness Couch | OMM 001: Mindfulness, heartfulness and the 3 second kiss


    Meet your hosts, Vikki Kelly and Natalie Mc Ivor as they guide us through some of the most powerful ways to reduce stress and

    harness and enhance the power of our mind through the amazing cornerstones of mindfulness practice. This entertaining journey into the contemplative world will include conversations and interviews with mindfulness practitioners, researchers and people making a difference through this powerful re-connection with the power of mindful living. Natalie and Vikki will explore the tips and traps of meditation and some simple mindfulness practices we can do everyday.

    March 23, 2015


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