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  1. How to Overcome the FEAR of FAILURE

    Round 2 of 5 Minute Friday is here!

    Actually this one goes about 10 minutes (per your requests).

    I got a question via Instagram this week that really spoke to me.

    It was about how to deal with fear of failure when you have big dreams.

    Welcome to my world.

    So in this quick episode on The School of Greatness I am opening up about my biggest fears (yes, I am totally honest) and how I work on overcoming them.

    Think of it this way: failure is like school for real life. Every time you fail, you learn valuable lessons. But it doesn’t mean you have to just keep failing.

    I loved this question and want everyone to understand that failure is NOT something to be feared.

    But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck when it happens either :)

    Give Episode 126 a listen and let me know what failure has taught you (and what you are doing to get over it)!


    —Huffduffed by rmkoske