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Welcome to part 1 of my conversation with Paul Sanders, which is all about how to start conversations, maintain them, and how to scale them into meaningful friendships.

We go over:

– The simplest way to start a conversation with a stranger no matter your situation or location

– How to take the theme of a networking event and turn it into a foolproof, easy ice breaker

– What to do to move forward from the initial meet-and-greet to discover common ground and build a friendship

– How to effectively manage your expectations at networking events and project a vibe of authenticity

– Paul’s expert trick for getting people to feel an instant connection to you

– Why you don’t need to be impressive or cool to have a great conversation (overcome the emotional hurdles that are holding you back!)

– How to use the 5% exercise to expand your comfort zone and make more connections

…plus an impromptu conversation between Paul and me showing you how to find common ground with the people you meet.

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And stay tuned for part 2, which involves a more in depth look at developing the kinds of friendships you want.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Get the Friends You Want – Paul’s book

Meetup – a site on which like-minded people can get together to learn, do, and share new things

BuzzFeed – a site whose content you can reference during conversations – Paul’s website

Episode Transcript:

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