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Learning | Mistakes | Self-confidence | Diet & exercise | Obstacles | Pair programming | Newbies | Memorization techniques | Mind Chris Hunt

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Jan 29, 2015 | Episode #51

Questions:- How do you learn?- Any mistakes to avoid while learning?- In your opinion, does self-confidence play a big role for effective learning?- How does your diet and exercise affect your learning?- What were the biggest obstacles when you started learning to code?- In general, how would you recommend newbies should learn to code these days?- You have extensive experience with memorization techniques. I was wondering, besides remembering faces and names more easily, how else does it affect your mind? Do you have an easier time remembering facts when reading a book, do you need less time to remember new stuff you learn, is your mind more at ease?Links:Chris HuntChris Hunt on TwitterChris Hunt on GithubChris Hunt’s podcast Healthy HackerMemorization techniques (Podcast episode)Chris Hunt’s talk: Secrets of a World Memory Champion

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