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  1. Download Postost Podcast - The debate about “hell”: why both sides are missing the point | Podbean

    The popular debate about “hell” has been misconceived. Our narrow theologies of personal salvation have blinded us to the large-scale narratives that give meaning to the language of wrath and judgment in the teaching of Jesus and of those sent out to proclaim his name among the nations.



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  2. Theologian Thomas Jay Oord on Bob Enyart Live | KGOV.com

    • Theology Thursday LIVE: Welcome to a special live edition of Theology Thursday! Like Bob Enyart, Theologian Thomas Jay Oord of Northwest Nazarene University is known for his teachings on science and faith and on open theism. On creation and evolution, Bob and Dr. Oord disagree strongly, and perhaps they can discuss that on another program. However, both being open theists, there is much agreement on that important doctrine. First, Tom gives his definition of open theism and Bob gives his, and then the two discuss the three main lines of evidence that Bob used in his debate on the open future with Calvinist theologian Dr. James White.

    • FUND – Bob Enyart Live: It’s February, our telethon month, and we need $30,000.00 to keep Bob Enyart Live on the air for another year. We're at $3,500 of our vital goal, so thank you so very much to everyone who has given already! And please, if you haven't yet, please consider helping by calling 1-800-8Enyart or clicking a link to Subscribe or Donate!


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