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  1. Vertigo: What causes it and how to deal with it | Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm, 2:32 pm on 13 March 2017 | Radio New Zealand

    Vertigo is that sensation of feeling off balance and can be debilitating. It is usually caused by an inner ear problem. Dr Paul Smith of the University of Otago Medical School is an expert on vertigo and answers listener questions about it.


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  2. Shayne P Carter: key player | Saturday Morning, 11:10 am on 30 July 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Kim Hill talks to Dunedin musician Shayne P Carter, who has been writing, singing, and playing guitar since 1978 with Bored Games, DoubleHappys, Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer. He now performs under his own name, playing with Gary Sullivan (drums) and James Duncan (bass), and is about to release a new album of piano-based songs, Offsider.

    He will present songs from that album and selections from his catalogue at shows in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and in October he and Don McGlashan reunite their successful double act for a ten-date tour of New Zealand.

    During the interview, Shayne talks about the classical music he recently discovered, and plays works by Debussy (Children's Corner: IV - The Snow Is Dancing), Liszt (Piano Piece in A Flat Major - Funf Klavierstücke), and Chopin (Nocturne No. 2, Op. 27 in D-flat).


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  3. Revisiting The First ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ : NPR

    Before the 2011 film version of John Le Carre's spy novel, British director John Irvin directed the original 1979 series for the BBC. It starred George Smiley as the master spy, recalled from forced retirement to root out a mole in the British intelligence service's top ranks.


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  4. bleeped version

    This American Life host Ira Glass was never into William Burroughs. Didn't get why people love his writing so much. Then he heard this radio story that changed all that, partly because it wasn't very reverential about Burroughs. For Burroughs 101st birthday, we hear that story.


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  5. 2002: Stanley Kunitz on Anna Akhmatova (Full Audio) | Poets House

    Poets House co-founder Stanley Kunitz reads and discusses one of Russia's most significant poets, in celebration of the re-release of his translations with the late Max Hayward. As an unwavering witness to the turmoil of the first half of the twentieth century, Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) still speaks eloquently to us of crisis and survival.

    (Full Audio, approx. 55 mins)


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  6. A History of Student Radio, Saturday 17 January 2015 | Radio New Zealand National

    A History of Student Radio - Episode Four

    Radio Active's One Love Waitangi Day celebrations / Photo courtesy of Radio Active.

    We pull focus to the years following 2000 and zoom in on those to come, considering the place of alternative independent radio in the ever-changing modern media landscape.

    PlayDownload: Ogg  |  MP3ShareAudio duration: ( 52′ 30″ )Music Details

    Artist: King Kapisi

    Song: Sub-Cranium Feeling

    Composer: B. Urale, A. Morton, M. Matisi

    Album: Single

    Label: Festival

    Artist: Outkast

    Song: Spottieottiedopaliscious

    Composer: Patton/Benjamin/Brown

    Album: Aquemeni

    Label: Laface

    Artist: HLAH

    Song: Beatnik

    Composer: Kilgour

    Album: God Save The Clean

    Label: Flying Nun 

    Artist: Epsilon Blue

    Song: Peaks and Valleys V.2.1 (Trees Are Wicked! Mix)

    Composer: Epsilon Blue

    Album: The Gathering 2000: New Electronica for Aotearoa

    Label: Universal

    Artist: Winston Francis

    Song: Let’s go to Zion

    Composer: Francis

    Album: 7”

    Label: Studio One

    Artist: The Black Seeds

    Song: Little Atoms

    Composer: B. Weir and S. Williams

    Album: Keep On Pushing


    Artist: Dimmer

    Song: Evolution

    Composer: Carter

    Album: I Believe You Are A Star

    Label: Sony

    Artist: Phelps and Munro

    Song: Ex Sports Star Turned Commentator

    Composer: G Phillips

    Album: Sideways Too

    Label: Round Trip Mars

    Artist: House of Downtown

    Song: Feel It

    Composer: Todd/Ercolano

    Album: Welcome to… a New Zealand House Compilation

    Label: Huh!

    Artist: The Datsuns

    Song: What Would I Know

    Composer: The Datsuns

    Album: The Datsuns

    Label: Infidelity

    Artist: Concord Dawn

    Song: Morning Light

    Composer: Short/Harvey

    Album: Uprising

    Label: Uprising

    Artist: The Mint Chicks

    Song: Licking Letters

    Composer: R. and K. Neilson

    Album: Octagon, Octagon, Octagon

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: LCD Soundsystem

    Song: Losing My Edge

    Composer: Murphy

    Album: LCD Soundsystem

    Label: DFA

    Artist: So So Modern

    Song: Racer X

    Composer: So So Modern

    Album: EP

    Label: Private

    Artist: Whipping Cats

    Song: Fighting cats can’t be bargained with

    Composer: No details given

    Album: The Gruesome Numbers: A musical from beyond the grave

    Label: Private

    Artist: An Emerald City

    Song: Mull Pasha

    Composer: An Emerald City

    Album: Circa Scaria (2009)

    Label: Emerald

    Artist: Tono and The Finance Company

    Song: Fragile Thing

    Composer: Tonnon

    Album: Fragile Thing EP

    Label: Private

    Artist: Harbour Union

    Song: How Lucky You Are

    Composer: Davidson

    Album: The Harbour Union: Established 2011 Lyttelton

    Label: Social End Product

    Artist: Future Islands

    Song: Seasons (Waiting for you)

    Composer: Future Islands

    Album: Singles

    Label: 4AD

    Artist: Street Chant

    Song: There is No Depression in New Zealand

    Composer: Von Sturmer, McGlashan

    Album: Isthmus of a Thousand Lovers

    Label: Private

    Artist: Lord Echo

    Song: Bohemian Idol

    Composer: S. M August

    Album: Curiosities

    Label: Economy Records

    Artist: Lontalius

    Song: Light Shines Through Dust

    Composer: E. Johnston

    Album: Single

    Artist: Electric Wire Hustle

    Song: If These Are The Last Days

    Composer: EWH

    Album: Love Can Prevail

    Label: Promo Love

    Artist: The Phoenix Foundation

    Song: Bob Lennon John Dylan

    Composer: Buda, Callwood, O’Connor, Ricketts, Scott and Wedde

    Album: Tom’s Lunch EP

    Label: Universal



    Student radio

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    A History of Student Radio - Suzanne McNicol

    Following the resignation of bfm Station Manager Manu Taylor shortly after his interview for A History of Student Radio, Yadana Saw catches up with Bfm board member Suzanne McNicol on what is happening at the station.

    PlayDownload: Ogg  |  MP3ShareAudio duration: ( 2′ 52″ )

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  7. A History of Student Radio, Saturday 10 January 2015 | Radio New Zealand National

    A History of Student Radio - Episode Three

    Radio One's Bald Breakfast. Image courtesy of Richard Wain.

    Student radio stations tap into the 'youth market' to generate advertising revenue; the 'alternative' becomes mainstream; and we hear about some of the non-musical exploits of student radio, including dubious news gathering practises, the art of making a student radio advertisment, and 95Bfm's 'Dad's Tips'.

    In the last Episode of A History Of Student Radio we left you hanging, with some stations ceasing to be……

    In 1992 Wellington’s Radio Active was shut down by the student’s association because of the financial burden - losses amounted to around $200,000. Twenty five investors - mostly DJs and fans - put in two thousand dollars each, set up a limited liability company and within a week it was back on air.

    Radio UFM in Christchurch also closed it’s doors briefly in 1989, for the same reasons. But a proposal to improve the station’s management convinced the student association to resume broadcasting.

    So, in this week’s episode, they’re back on air, trying to make some money, and getting stronger than ever.  

    PlayDownload: Ogg  |  MP3ShareAudio duration: ( 47′ 52″ )Voices of Episode Three

    Graeme Hill, Paul Casserly, Gemma Gracewood, Russell Brown, Mikey Havoc, Wallace Chapman, Adam Hyde, Jesse Mulligan, Craig Black, Miles Buckingham, Mark Cubey, Shannon Williams, Bret McKenzie, Lewis Tennant, Tim Baird, Fiona Fraser,  Andy 'Flyboy' Dickson, Wallace Chapman, James Dignan   

    Music Details

    Artist: Primal Scream

    Song: Loaded

    Composer: Bobby Gillespie/Andrew Innes/Robert A Young


    Label: Sony

    Artist: The Cure

    Song: Pictures of You

    Composer: Smith, Gallup, Williams, Thompson, O’Donnell, Tolhurst

    Album: Disintegration

    Label: Fiction Records

    Artist: Bird Nest Roys

    Song: Alien

    Composer:Bird Nest Roys

    Album:Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Push Push

    Song: Trippin’

    Composer: Havoc, Kane, Abplanalp, Push Push


    Label: Tall Poppy

    Artist: Headless Chickens

    Song: Gaskrankinstation

    Composer: C Matthews

    Album:Body Blow

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Bailter Space

    Song: Robot World

    Composer: Bailter Space

    Album:Robot World

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Hallelujah Picassos

    Song: Rewind - Klink Klank Klunk Klonk(double spoon mix)

    Composer: Pailing/Picassos

    Album: U+I

    Label: Wildside

    Artist: The Breeders

    Song: Cannonball

    Composer: Kim Deal

    Album: Last Splash

    Label: 4AD

    Artist: Winston Francis

    Song:Let’s go to Zion extended mix

    Composer: Francis

    Album: 7”

    Label: Studio One

    Artist: Nirvana

    Song: In Bloom

    Composer: Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic

    Album: Nevermind

    Label: Geffen

    Artist: Dark Tower

    Song: You Beauty

    Composer: Jody Lloyd

    Album: On The Beat’n’Track

    Label: Curious Records

    Artist: The Orb

    Song: Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Remix 2)

    Composer: Paterson/Glover)

    Album: U.F. Off: The Best of The Orb

    Label: Island Records

    Artist: Strawpeople

    Song: One Good Reason (Hell Of A Night Edit)

    Composer: P Judd

    Album: Hemisphere

    Label: Pagan

    Artist: Salmonella Dub

    Song: More Dub Crazy

    Composer: Deakins,Penman,Taane,Tyler,Wilcox

    Album: Salmonella Dub

    Label: Curious

    Artist: Salmonella Dub

    Song:Drunken Monkey

    Composer: Salmonella Dub

    Album:Calming of the Drunken Monkey

    Label: Curious Records

    Artist: Nas

    Song: The World Is Yours

    Composer: P. Phillips, N. Jones

    Album: Illmatic


    Artist: Ronny Jordan

    Song: The Jackal (the illest mix)

    Composer:D.Bryant, R. Jordan, J. Campbell, T. Mason

    Album: Bad Brothers: Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush

    Label: Island

    Artist: Tool

    Song: Forty Six & 2

    Composer: Tool

    Album: Aenima

    Label: Zomba

    Artist: Prodigy

    Song: Breathe


    Album: The Fat of The Land

    Label: XL Recordings

    Artist: Shihad

    Song: Deb’s Night Out

    Composer: Shihad


    Label: Wildside

    Artist: Mobile Stud Unit

    Song: Boozing


    Album: Green Eggs and Hamilton: A compilation of Hamilton Music

    Label: Contact89FM

    Artist: HDU

    Song: Lull

    Composer: T. Dingemans, C. Karlis, N. Phillips

    Album: Higher ++

    Label:Flying Nun

    Artist: Fat Freddy’s

    Song: Hope

    Composer: C. Faiumu, D. Tamaira, T.Laing, G. Nepia

    Album: The Radio Active 89fm 21st Anniversary Compact Disc

    Label: Radio Active

    Artist: HDU and Peter Gutteridge

    Song: Point that thing somewhere else

    Composer: Gutteridge, Kilgour, Kilgour

    Album:God Save The Clean - a Tribute to The Clean

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Darcy Clay

    Song: Jesus I Was Evil

    Composer: Clay, Bolton

    Album:Jesus I Was Evil

    Label: Antenna Records




    Student radio

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  8. A History of Student Radio, Saturday 3 January 2015 | Radio New Zealand National

    A History of Student Radio - Episode Two

    Wednesday Night Jam, Radio Active 1985 - Rhys B collection courtesy of AudioCulture

    A four-part journey through 45 years of student radio in New Zealand - the stars and bands who got their breaks, the politics, the music, the piracy and the ‘No. 8 wire’, sink or swim mentality.

    In part two: Broadcasters who would go on to become household names recall their youthful antics in student radio, the ‘taste barons’ attempt to limit the playing of Joy Division, and the station managers negotiate with their Student Associations, amid the volatile political climate of the mid-80s.

    PlayDownload: Ogg  |  MP3ShareAudio duration: ( 40′ 52″ )Voices in Ep 2

    Debbi Gibbs, Andrew Dickens, David Read, Simon Grigg, Graham Hill, Jude Anaru, Max Christofferson, John Kennedy, Sue Dempsey, Steven Joyce, Miles Buckingham, Nick Bollinger, Jim Scott, John Campbell, Stu Birch, Ania Glowacz, Jacquie Riddell, Mark Cubey, Michael Walls, Andrew Glennie, Tim Baird, Deirdre Newall, Graham Cockcroft

    Music Details

    Artist: Violent Femmes

    Song: Blister in the Sun

    Composer: Gano

    Album: Violent Femmes

    Label: Rhino

    Artist: Clarence Carter

    Song: I’m The Midnight Special

    Composer: Carter

    Album: 7” Single

    Label: Fame

    Artist: Peter Tosh

    Song: Legalize it

    Composer: Tosh

    Album: Legalize it

    Label: CBS

    Artist: Stonehenge

    Song: Wings Of Steel

    Composer: Stonehenge

    Album: 12” Single

    Label: Jayrem

    Artist: Putty in Her Hands

    Song: NZ music


    Album: Weird Culture Weird Custom: National Student Radio 1986

    Label: National Student Radio

    Artist: The Clean

    Song: At The Bottom

    Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour/Scott

    Album: Oddities

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Minutemen

    Song: Dreams Are Free Motherfucker

    Composer: Mike Watt, D. Boon, George Hurley

    Album: Buzz Or Howl

    Label: SST

    Artist: Grandmaster Flash

    Song: The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel

    Composer: Chase/Glover/Jackson

    Album: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

    Label: Flashback

    Artist: Jesse Saunders

    Song: On & On (1984 Original Vocal Remix)

    Composer: Saunders

    Album: 12”

    Label: Jes Say Records

    Artist: Shannon

    Song: Let The Music Play

    Composer: Barbosa/Chilsolm

    Album: 12 Inch Dance Greats

    Label: Old Gold

    Artist: Able Tasmans

    Song: Buffaloes

    Composer: Humphries/Keen

    Album: A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: The Dead C

    Song: Bad Politics

    Composer: Russell/Morley

    Album: Making Losers Happy

    Label: Xpressway

    Artist: R.E.M.

    Song: Pop Song 89


    Album: Green

    Label: Warner

    Artist: Crawbilly Creeps

    Song: A Day In Lucky Gulch

    Composer: Crawbilly Creeps

    Album: Weird Culture Weird Custom: National Student Radio 1986

    Label: National Student Radio

    Artist: The Band Of The Royal New Zealand Air Force

    Song: Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines

    Composer: Goodwin

    Album: The Band Of The Royal New Zealand Air Force

    Label: Salem

    Artist: Nirvana

    Song: Negative Creep

    Composer: Cobain

    Album: Bleach

    Label: Geffen

    Artist: Joy Division

    Song: Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Composer: Curtis

    Album: The Very Best Of Joy Division

    Label: London

    Artist: Straitjacket Fits

    Song: She Speeds

    Composer: Carter

    Album: Melt

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Upper Hutt Posse

    Song: E Tu

    Composer: Hapeta,Hapeta

    Album: Upper Hutt Posse: Dedicated 1988-1991

    Label: Kia Kaha

    Artist: The Jean Paul Sartre Experience

    Song: Own Two Feet

    Composer: Mulcahy/Yetton/Laing/Sullivan

    Album: The Jean Paul Sartre Experience

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Public Enemy

    Song: Fight The Power

    Composer: Ridenhour, Sadler, Shocklee

    Album: Fear Of A Black Planet

    Label: Defjam




    Auckland Region





    Wellington Region


    Massey University


    Radio Active

    Radio One

    Student radio

    University of Waikato

    alternative music




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  9. A History of Student Radio, Saturday 27 December 2014 | Radio New Zealand National

    A History Of Student Radio - Episode One

    1984 Radio Active co-managers Linda Dale and Stu Birch. Photo Stu Birch.

    From the humble home-made AM transmitters, illegally manned by tech-nerds on islands around Auckland for limited weeks of the university term, campus radio stations rapidly evolved into a beacon for music-lovers, on-air talkers and people who never finished their degrees – we talk to some of characters who set the template for student radio in New Zealand, breaking rules, records, and radio transmitters.

    PlayDownload: Ogg  |  MP3ShareAudio duration: ( 41′ 19″ )Image Gallery: A History of Student Radio Part One

    Voices in Ep 1 

    John Campbell, Debbie Gibbs, Michael Higgins, Roy Torlesse, Mark Cubey, Andrew Dickens, Andrew Glennie, Stephen Parker, Graham Cockcroft, David Read, Sue Dempsey, Jacquie Riddell, Charles Mabbett, Jim Scott, Russell Brown, and Max Christofferson.

    Music Details

    Artist: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

    Song: Good Morning Little School Girl

    Composer: Butterfield

    Album: What's Shakin'

    Label: Elektra

    Artist: Elmore James

    Song: Dust My Broom

    Composer: James

    Album: The Sky Is Crying

    Label: Charley

    Artist: Emerson Lake and Palmer

    Song: Great Gates Of Kiev

    Composer: Mussorgsky/Lake

    Album: Pictures At An Exhibition

    Label: Rhino

    Artist: Adnan Othman & The Wanderers

    Song: Revolusi

    Composer: Othman

    Album: Pop Yeh Yeh - Spychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970

    Label: Sublime Frequencies

    Artist: The Clean

    Song: Anything Could Happen

    Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour

    Album: The Clean Anthology

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Netherworld Dancing Toys

    Song: The Trusted Ones

    Composer: Sampson, Fanning, Cockroft, Trubuhovich

    Album: 12” Single

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Joy Division

    Song: Transmission

    Composer: Curtis

    Album: The Very Best Of Joy Division

    Label: London

    Artist: Kraftwerk

    Song: Radioland, Airwaves

    Composer: Hutter, Schneider, Schult)

    Album: Radio-Activity

    Label: Capitol

    Artist: The Scavengers

    Song: Mysterex

    Composer: The Scavengers

    Album: AK79

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Sneaky Feelings

    Song: Won’t Change

    Composer: Bannister/Pine

    Album: Waiting for Touchdown

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Skeptics

    Song: Boo-Chang / New Barking Riff

    Composer: Skeptics

    Album: Chowder Over Wisconsin

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Suicide

    Song: Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne

    Composer: Vega/Rev

    Album: Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev

    Label: Ze

    Artist: The Bats

    Song: I Go Wild

    Composer: Scott/The Bats

    Album: By Night

    Label: I Go Wild

    Artist: Aotearoa

    Song: Maranga Ake Ai

    Composer: Williams

    Album: Tihei Mauriora

    Label: Jayrem

    Artist: Herbs

    Song: French Letter

    Composer: Fonoti

    Album: Sensitive To A Smile

    Label: Warrior

    Artist: Look Blue Go Purple

    Song: Safety In Crosswords

    Composer: Look Blue Go Purple

    Album: Bewitched EP

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Verlaines

    Song: Death And The Maiden

    Composer: Downes

    Album: Juvenilia

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: Screaming Meemees

    Song: Pointy Ears

    Composer: Screaming Meemees

    Album: Screaming Meemees: Stars In My Eyes, Songs & Singles 1979-81 (Compilation)

    Label: Propeller

    Artist: Blam Blam Blam

    Song: Don’t Fight It Marsha, It’s Bigger Than The Both Of Us

    Composer: McGlashan

    Album: Luxury Length

    Label: Propeller

    Artist: The Chills

    Song: I Love My Leather Jacket

    Composer: Phillips

    Album: 7” Single

    Label: Flying Nun

    Artist: New Order

    Song: Blue Monday

    Composer: New Order

    Album: Power, Corruption & Lies

    Label: Factory






    Auckland Region





    Wellington Region


    Auckland University

    Flying Nun

    Massey University

    NZ Music

    Otago University


    Radio Active

    Radio One

    Student radio

    University Of Canterbury

    University of Waikato

    Victoria University of Wellington




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