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  1. TMO Background Mode: Interview With PJC Sr. Research Analyst Gene Munster - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Gene Munster is a Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, an investment bank in Minneapolis. One of his assignments is to research Apple and provide investment reports to clients. We started the show with Gene filling us in on his early life, and how he was obsessed with business. The youngest of four boys who were all technically oriented, Gene tells how technology and mathematics were a big part of growing up. In the second half of the show, Gene talks about how he does his job and the daily life of an analyst who also covers Google. We finish with his insights into the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the rumored Apple Car. Don’t miss the part when I spring the question on Gene about how he came to believe Apple would build a TV set.


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  2. TMO Background Mode: Interview With Tidbits Publishing Editor-in-Chief Tonya Engst - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Tonya Engst is the Editor-in-chief and CFO of Tidbits Publishing as well as the publisher of Take Control Books. In our interview, Tonya takes us back to the beginning, her college days at Cornell University as a Communications major when she learned about Macs and desktop publishing with Aldus (later Adobe) PageMaker. Soon, she discovered that there was a need for people to learn more about their Macs. With her husband Adam, having moved to Seattle, they launched Tidbits in Hypercard format on Bulletin Board Systems. The breakout of the Internet meant converting all that Tidbits work to internet form. Soon, Tonya was writing books, and her expertise in electronic publishing naturally led to the Take Control Books that we all love today. It’s the awesome story of Tonya’s life journey into ePublishing.


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  3. a16z Podcast: Finally a Tablet that Replaces Your Laptop

    When the iPad first came out in 2010 there was chatter that went in two directions:

    1. It’s just a big iPhone
    2. I’ll never carry a laptop again

    Both were wrong. The big iPhone comment was quickly dispelled as people (and their kids) fell under the consumption thrall of iPads. But iPads never could meet the needs of most laptop users –- until now. Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky offer their reasons why the iPad Pro hits the mark as a machine for all kinds of things, and why it may have shoved their own laptops aside for almost everything.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/a16z/finally-a-tablet-that-replaces-your-laptop
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  4. Reconcilable Differences #24: I Will Outrun Death and Thermodynamics - Relay FM

    Things kick off with a discussion of Star Wars. In particular, there is extensive discussion of your hosts’ preferences regarding fan restorations of the original trilogy. Next, the spoiler horn fires off for a detailed examination of The Walking Dead.


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  5. Disruption #1: We Crashed The Isometric Starship - Relay FM

    Do you know what Disruption is? Don’t worry, neither do we! But we do tell you how to dominate the new Sailor Moon phone game, why Sprint wasn’t thinking when they released their latest ad, and how to sleep better despite staring at screens all day.


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