TLP033: What An Ivy League Degree Can’t Teach You – The Leadership Podcast

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  1. Discovering Your Personal Leadership | Dr. Myles Munroe

    Trapped within every follower is a hidden leader. You may ask, If every follower is a potential leader, then who is going to follow? The answer is the essence of what the original philosophy of leadership was intended to be. Leadership is inherent in the human spirit of every person, but only a minute fraction of the human population ever knows, discovers, believes, or attempts to develop or release this hidden leadership potential. This message will help you to tap into your true leadership potential. This Teaching is a part of the album The Complete Leader.

    The Complete Leader Title: Disc 1 – Discovering Your Personal Leadership Disc 2 – Keys To Becoming A Leader Disc 3 – The Most Important Aspect of Leadership – Passing It On

    You can purchase the complete album via the link below. Available in CD, DVD, MP3 & MP4.

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  2. CNLP 019: How to Replace Yourself: Why Every Leader (Even Young Leaders) Need a Succession Plan to be Successful—An Interview with William Vanderbloemen

    Why on earth would you think about succession, especially if you’re a young leader?

    Well, one of the hallmarks of great leadership is replacing yourself. Second, there is no success without a succession plan for any leadership role.

    William Vandenbloemen explains why finding your replacement is an essential part of great leadership at all ages in all positions, and explains how to do it.

    Whether you’re leading a small business, a large corporation, a church or a non-profit, replacing yourself and finding a successor are keys to any leader’s success.


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  3. John Kotter Accelerate Podcast

    Leadership is about setting a direction. Its’ about creating a vision, empowering and inspiring people to want to achieve the vision and enabling them to do so with energy and speed through a effective strategy. John Kotter returns to TotalPicture Radio to define a new organizational structure.

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  4. ABC Radio - By Design: John Maeda on Redesigning Leadership

    Now to leadership — how to be a leader in this new design-aware and oriented world we seem to be entering. John Maeda is president of the celebrated Rhode Island School of Design in the USA. He took up this post in 2008, but prior to that was a designer and computer scientist, and a tenured professor. John talks with By Design about his shift into leadership — and becoming a leader.

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  5. Webstock ‘18: Andy Budd - The Accidental Leader

    Andy first came to prominence in our industry as a designer and web standards enthusiast. He was driven by a desire to improve and professionalise the industry, which is how he came to start the UK’s first user experience consultancy, Clearleft. He never set out to be a design leader, but now find himself leading a team of thirty people, almost by accident. In a quest to understand what makes a great leader, and help his friends in newly minted leadership positions, Andy started the Leading Design conference and Slack community last year. Over the past 18 months, Andy has interviewed dozens of prominent leaders and listened in on hundreds of Slack conversations about the art and craft of leadership. In this session, Andy recounts his journey into leadership, shares his successes and failures, and the important lessons he’s learned on the way. The result is a talk packed full of design leadership heuristics suitable for anybody who is a leader, wants to be a leader, or has a leader. Presentation slides:

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