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  1. 249 | Peter Godfrey-Smith on Sentience and Octopus Minds – Sean Carroll

    The study of cognition and sentience would be greatly abetted by the discovery of intelligent alien beings, who presumably developed independently of life here on Earth. But we do have more than one data point to consider: certain vertebrates (including humans) are quite intelligent, but so are certain cephalopods (including octopuses), even though the last common ancestor of the two groups was a simple organism hundreds of millions of years ago that didn't have much of a nervous system at all. Peter Godfrey-Smith has put a great amount of effort into trying to figure out what we can learn about the nature of thinking by studying how it is done in these animals with very different brains and nervous systems.

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  2. The Art of Practice, with Liz Knowles — The Folk Music Podcast

    Americian fiddler Liz Knowles has been a prominent member of the Irish music scene worldwide for several decades. In addition to being a performer

    she is also a sought-after teacher, and it's her thoughts about practicing

    music that is the theme of this episode’s conversation.

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  3. Episode 51: The Delicious Significance of Food in Science Fiction

    Science fiction and fantasy are full of feasts, from the banquets in Game of Thrones to all those Klingon delicacies. Why is food so important in SF? To find out, we talked to Mary Anne Mohanraj, author of The Stars Change and the cookbook A Feast of Serendib: A Sri Lankan-American Cookbook.

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  4. Kallet And Larsen: Playing With A Full Deck : NPR

    After decades of producing solo albums, renowned American folk musicians Grey Larsen and Cindy Kallet have released their first collaboration, Cross the Water. Here, they talk about their musical partnership and their influences in traditional Scandinavian and Balkan music.

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