FamilySearch Q&A with Kathryn Grant

Kathryn answers FamilySearch related questions from a live audience in this live Q&A webinar. The questions addressed during the Q&A are listed below. For more information visit our website:

Questions addressed: 13:06 - Where can I find Canadian Divorce Records? 14:27 - I have added sources and get the message “unfinished attachments”, what should I do? 18:31 - I know that for places of burials, actual cemetery names are not accepted as standard. Where is the best place to add this additional information? 21:44 - I have photos of relatives on my photo folder in my computer. In FamilySearch and Ancestry, where do I put in the photo?
22:50 - I have a birth set of parents and then an adopted set also. It says to set the preferred parent. How do you do that? 25:30 - Family Tree information is saved for everyone, however most of us save information in other places as well. Is there any way to create an electonic Will that will save information for future generations? 27:28 - Is there a plan to let us be able to rearrange photos and documents in a person’s FamilySearch memories page? I would like to put the photos and documents in chronological order. Also, If I have photos in albums, do those albums di…

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