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  1. Ryan Singer: Design and Consciousness - David Perell

    LISTEN HERE: ITUNES | OVERCAST | SPOTIFY My guest today is Ryan Singer, the head of Project Strategy at Basecamp. Ryan recently published a book called Shape Up where he describes his process for planning, designing, and executing projects at Basecamp. Basecamp works in six-week cycles through the entire company. In this interview, instead of

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  2. Nicholas Vincent on the Magna Carta - Econlib

    Did an 800-year old piece of parchment really change the world? Nicholas Vincent of the University of East Anglia talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the Magna Carta, the founding document of English law and liberty. The Magna Carta was repudiated just ten weeks after King John issued it. Yet, its impact is still […]

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  3. Remote Ruby | Rails 7, Railties, and Sorbet at Shopify with Rafael França from Rails Core

    We are back from RubyConf and excited to have as our guest, Rafael França, who works at Shopify and here to chat with us about Rails and Ruby things. Today, we learn what brought Rafael into Ruby and then into Rails. We find out more about what happened with the Rails and Merb merge, what a Railtie is, and how the Rails engine builds on top of the Railtie. He also tells us more about his team at Shopify, his thoughts on the state of Rails 7, using Types in Rails, Tapioca, and why Shopify chose Sorbet instead of RBS. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

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  4. // Exploring Data Visualization with d3.js

    On this episode, we talk with Amelia Wattenberger, a frontend & UX developer at about data visualization aka dataviz.We discuss the origins of dataviz, and how it can be used to tell a narrative with the immediacy and visceral connection that can be difficult to do with other mediums.We…

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