Chris Jericho podcast LIVE with Stephanie McMahon !

In the WWE Network-exclusive special that aired after SmackDown, McMahon talked about working for her father, how her relationship with Triple H came to be and her confrontation with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 31, among other topics. Anecdotes and reflections emerged.

Fans got a look at McMahon the executive rather than McMahon the tyrannical heel that exists onscreen.

Not surprisingly, WWE’s chief brand officer and Jericho had good chemistry. The two performers have known each other for a long time and worked together regularly during Jericho’s first years with the company. That helped add an intimate feel to the sit-down.

The interview also felt like something one would see on the campaign trail, though. McMahon let the audience in, but Jericho didn’t press as much as some fans would have hoped.

Vince McMahon watched most of it from just out of frame. It’s unclear how much his presence and his vision of what these shows should be will shape them and how much of their makeup is due to the difference in Jericho’s and Austin’s approach.

The Disparity Between Jericho’s and Austin’s Styles

If you were looking for controversy and hard-hitting questions, you left unsatisfied. Instead, much like Jericho’s interview with John Cena, this was more of a conversation between friends.

Jericho is more…

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