Protonic Reversal Ep. 116

Well met, all! Welcome once again to the home of the Protonic Reversal! This week’s guest was friend of the show Andrew Falkous! It’s always a blast chatting with Falco, as you can see by the list of topics we touched upon:

-All the Bongs, Vol. 2 -the binary of “California” and “Not California” -pissing around until something good happens -the story of a band vs. the quality -the demented husks of humanity, at least they’re having a good time -making the music is the most fun part -the Cardiff post office -Morrissey needs limits -”proper music” (said with disdain) -the misplaced optimism of the doomed -cat updates -”Of Wolf and Man” -the future kings of Spain -Halliburton: Radio Nope’s biggest listener -parenthood and living in London -the French are very attached to smoking -the skill of further alienating a bad audience