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  1. Pushing the limits of mobile performance - Andrew Grieve ~ Full Frontal 2013

    A focus on performance can make the difference between the success or failure of a web app. This talk will go through concrete examples of how the Mobile Gmail and Docs teams focused on performance when building their apps. Some of these techniques are well known, but others have not been shared before…

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  2. Mobile is not a thing; it is everything - Joe McCann ~ Full Frontal 2013

    The stratospheric rise in mobile subscribers, devices, services and apps has led to an even bigger explosion in the lack of understanding of how to design, develop and most importantly, recognize new opportunities with not only these new devices, but new use cases altogether.

    Let’s step through the processes to help identify content strategies, design workflows and forecasting methods to unlock the true potential of mobile, not only for apps, but for the web and new channels of communication altogether.

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