Conversation with a Federal Vision Pastor (Part 1 of 2)

Part 2:

Pastor Wes White, a critic of the Federal Vision, recently posted an imaginary conversation ( with an Federal Vision minister, which he claims represents the Federal Vision. He was challenged on his understanding of what a pastor and advocate of the Federal Vision would say, and therefore put together a series of quotes to back up his claims here ( We believe that he does not treat these texts in their proper context. Pastor White appears to be unwilling to admit that he has taken quotes out of context, and he also is unwillling to contact the individuals who wrote them to clarify what they meant.

We felt that the best way to illustrate his faulty understanding was to replace his imaginary Federal Vision Pastor with a real one.

Pastor Douglas Wilson, of Christ Church, in Moscow, Idaho answers these same questions. Pastor Wilson is a proponent of the Federal Vision, and drafted the Joint Federal Vision Profession. Prior to the following recording, he had not read Pastor White's imaginary conversation.

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